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Negin Yamini has obtained favorable outcomes in a wide range of driving under the influence cases involving both drug and alcohol.  No matter how high the blood alcohol content or how “solid” the scientific evidence, Negin carefully examines every DUI case to identify any and all substantive and procedural weaknesses, and to then effectively present these weaknesses in order to obtain a desirable case resolution.   In every DUI case, Negin utilizes her creativity, steadfastness, and plea-bargaining acumen to accomplish the best possible outcome for her client.

Prosecution for driving under the influence often involves a tedious and intimidating process for the accused.  Familiar with this process, Negin provides hands-on representation at every point in the criminal proceedings; she informs her client at all times of any developments in the case, and rigorously prepares him or her for all upcoming steps or court imposed obligations.

Every DUI case presents its own set of procedural and substantive challenges.  Negin approaches each and every one of these challenges with a creativity and thoroughness that strengthen her position as an advocate and ultimately produce optimal results. In every DUI case, progress towards an optimal outcome is possible only if the defense attorney is steps ahead of the prosecution.  For that reason, Negin engages in strategic planning and mounting of a defense from the very inception of a DUI case, and does not allow the case to age without concrete developments in the right direction.

Though Negin applies the same steadfastness and thoroughness to every type of criminal case, she understands that, as a DUI attorney, she has to tailor her approach the specific circumstances of a particular DUI case.  DUI cases typically fall under four categories: cases that require a procedural defense; cases that require a factual defense; cases that require a mitigating factor defense; and cases that require procedural, factual, and mitigating defenses.   The distinguishing factor amongst these types of cases is quite simple: in some case, the evidence against the accused is overwhelming and undisputable.  The defense attorney’s task then is to fight the case on procedural grounds—i.e., challenging the basis for the DUI traffic stop and the overall constitutionality of the accused’s arrest—and/or identify and articulate mitigating factors—such as the accused’s lack of criminal history, acceptance of responsibility, and engagement in remedial and rehabilitative efforts—that would help reduce the charge or warrant a lesser punishment.  In other cases, the evidence against the accused is disputed and questionable.  For example, the accused blew over a 0.08 on the breathalyzer test but his driving was not impaired, and hence he or she cannot be found guilty of driving under the influence.  In a minority of cases,  procedural, factual, and mitigating defenses exists.  For example, the DUI traffic stop was unconstitutional, the accused is 25 years old with no criminal history and has a long-term history of contributing to the community, and although his blood alcohol content was above the legal limit, he had an unusually high level of bacteria in his blood which could have resulted in an erroneous reading of the blood alcohol level.  No matter what category your case falls under, Negin does not take at face value the facts of the case as presented by the prosecution.  She conducts her own independent investigation of the scientific evidence against you, and thoroughly explores any and all mitigating, substantive, and procedural defenses relevant to your particular case.

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Negin Yamini

Noteworthy DUI Accomplishments:

  • Dismissal of Driving Under the Influence of a drug charge against a hardworking immigrant. In this case, through engaging her own DUI expert, Negin was able to prove that the accused’s consumption of marijuana did not impair his driving;

  • Avoidance of prison time for driving under the influence with great bodily injury charges against a young college student. In this case, the accused’s blood alcohol content was significantly above the legal limit and his ability to drive undisputedly impaired, resulting in a crash against two pedestrians who suffered significant spinal and brain injuries.  Though the facts were egregious against the accused, Negin relentlessly advocated for a lesser punishment on the basis of mitigating factors such as the accused’s lack of criminal history, ongoing depression, and gradual recovery of the injured victims.  Ultimately, the prosecution relented, and the accused received a probationary sentence with no prison time;

  • Reduction of driving under the influence charges to reckless driving or exhibition of speed charges. Negin has accomplished this outcome in numerous DUI cases by conscientiously advocating any and all procedural, factual, and mitigating defenses;

  • Avoidance of adverse immigration consequences for several recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). In these cases, Negin avoided a driving under the influence charge and accomplished a reduction to a dry reckless or exhibit charge to avoid deportation and other adverse immigration consequences.   Negin’s strategic mounting of a defense and careful compilation of a strong mitigation packet ultimately convinced the prosecution to reduce the charges;

  • Avoidance of harsher punishments in cases involving refusal of a chemical test. In these cases, Negin’s careful and thorough examination of the police report and refusal admonition revealed that—due to language barriers and/or the trauma and stress of being confronted with a police officer— the accused did not understand the admonition and therefore could not have intentionally refused a chemical test.

The above cases showcase Negin’s steadfast and relentless advocacy, coupled with her intricate understanding of California DUI laws.

Negin graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she won the American Dream Fellowship for her academic accomplishments and demonstrated commitment to leadership and public service.  She obtained her law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law where she won several recognitions for academic excellence and commitment to social justice.

Negin Yamini is an active member of the Inns of Court and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  Both organizations seek to advance the mission of the nation’s criminal defense lawyers to ensure justice and due process for the accused.

Why Choose US Over the Competition?

Criminal Defense Law Firms that are in competition with Los Angeles DUI Attorney Law Firm tend to make promises they simply cannot keep; or at least they aren’t being entirely honest. They may claim that they will make court appearances as it relates to every aspect of your case. The reality is that these firms “farm out” the appearances, sending outside counsel for the sole purpose of that individual hearing. They pay that attorney a couple hundred dollars, and then charge you an arm and a leg! While this is clearly unethical practice, most clients will never even know. At Los Angeles DUI Attorney Law Firm, the attorney you started the case with, will be the attorney on your case throughout the entire process. We are not interested in maximizing profits; we are interested in maximizing favorable judgements.

We Have A Proven Track Record Of Integrity And Success

The lawyers at Los Angeles DUI Attorney Law Firm have provided superior criminal defense to our clients. Our lawyers have a proven track record of successfully negotiating lesser charges and dismissals o complex criminal charges. We have a reputation that we seek to maintain every time we go into court. As a result the legal community in Los Angeles, and surrounding communities, have developed respect for our firm, and hold us in the highest regard. Our dedication to our ethical obligations and our devotion to adhering to the strictest of ethical principles has rightfully earned us a respected status in the Los Angeles legal community. If anyone you know has been arrested on suspicion of a DUI, contact us immediately at 424-285-5400 for a FREE consultation. We are confident we will provide superior representation in an effort to obtain the best outcome possible for your case.

How Do I Avoid Being Convicted Of A DUI

It is a common that the attorney Prosecuting your case will attempt to convince you that the case against you is ironclad, in an effort to persuade you to accept a plea deal. To not be persuaded by this wolf in sheep’s clothing, if you have been accused of driving under the influence, contact an attorney immediately. There are very few cases that are truly ironclad, and a skilled attorney can rip the Prosecutor’s case apart piece by piece.  Many attorneys seek to convince you to accept a subpar deal by informing you of the penalties associated with a DUI conviction. Below is an image of the penalties associated with a DUI, provided the Prosecutor can prove their case. With an attorney from Los Angeles DUI Attorney Law Firm on your side, there is no such thing as a slam dunk.

DUI Defenses

The stop, or the arrest, was in violation of your Constitutional rights.
The charge cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
The officer did not have “reasonable suspicion” sufficient to justify the initial traffic stop
Evidence was mishandled resulting in false results.
The officer obtained a statement in violation of your Miranda rights.
The Defendant passed the FST.

These and many other defenses may be effective in your case. If you have been charged with a DUI in Los Angeles County, contact our firm today. The Los Angeles DUI Attorney Law Firm will take the time to get to know you, and your case, while they craft a defense unique to you, and your case. Developing a strategy for defense should be accomplished early on in the process. Our attorneys will utilize the defenses above to advocate for your freedom.

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I've Been Arrested For A DUI, What Do I Do Now?

The moment you are arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, you will likely have several questions. Will you serve time in jail if you are convicted? What is an arraignment, do you need a criminal attorney? How much will a DUI cost you? Can you even win against a DUI charge? 

This website is designed to answer all of those questions in relation to very specific questions. Take a moment to review our site and see if we have provided an answer to any question you might have. Ultimately, if you have been accused of driving under the influence, we encourage you to contact us at 424-285-5400 for a FREE DUI consultation. 

Arraignments For My DUI

The first step, after you have been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence is known as an arraignment. At the hearing, charges will be brought against you formally. At this point you have three options: plead guilty, plead not guilty, or plead no contest. You will eventually have the opportunity to challenge the charges against you. In order to challenge the charges against you, you will plead not guilty, and the Court will set a date for trial. The entire process can be, and typically is, and incredibly frustrating process. Having an attorney in your corner can help ease the burden of facing criminal charges and reducing the stress associated with facing a criminal charge.


How Do I Avoid Losing My License?

Once you have been arrested for driving under the influence, assuming your BAC is over 0.08%, the arresting officer will confiscate your license and provide you with a pink slip. This pink slip will operate as your temporary license for 30 days. From the date of your arrest, you will have 10 days to request a hearing with the DMV to challenge the automatic suspension of your license that will immediately follow your arrest. Having an attorney with you at this hearing can substantially improve your chances of having the automatic suspension of your license set aside. 

What Penalties Can I Face If I Am Convicted Of A DUI

If you are charged, and ultimately convicted of a DUI in California, you may face jail time in addition to potentially staggering monetary sanctions. Additionally, you may face a long term suspension of your driving privileges. Further, the Court may impose a wide variety of additional sanctions in connection with you DUI conviction. 

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