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Testimonials From Our Los Angeles DUI Clients | Los Angeles DUI Attorney

If anybody ever asked me to refer a criminal lawyer to them, I would give them Negin Yamini's phone number right away. I am so grateful that I listened to my friend and hired her to take my case and fight for me. If you want a lawyer who is calm and supportive but will go to battle for you in the courtroom, then you need Negin Yamini.

AWESOME HUMAN, Ms. Negin Yamini is an expert  If I could rate her 5 more stars I would. If you ever need to be represented in court hired this WARRIOR she knows exactly what she is doing and do as she tells you to do and you will win. SHE IS A REAL HERO thanks Ms. Yamini.

Anyone considering Negin should know that they are getting a warrior that will fight for you. I highly recommend Ms.Yamini to anyone seeking the best of the best. I can not thank this woman enough =]

Be careful there are plenty of thirsty lawyer's out there that will put on a award winning show for you..Then show up to court and all of sudden tuck there tail under pressure, while your sitting there like damn! l just gave this degenerate my hard earned money to punk out..Well that's what happened to me. l fired two poor excuses for a lawyer then was blessed the day l found Negin. That's why l took the time to write this review to warn others about the bad lawyers out there and because l feel like l owe this beast of a woman for giving me a priceless possession.. FREEDOM!!!!!

Negin Yamini thank you so much! I was facing 3 years of jail time and she my case dismissed! She definitely knows what she is doing! I was able to keep my job in Los Angeles!

This amazing, smart, humble, multi-talented young lady knows more about the law, maximum penalties, strategy, lesser charges, alternative sentences, how to trade jail for house arrest, how to expunge your entire record, how to take you off probation, and she protects her clients like nobody else will.  Probably when you were a baby, your parents didn't even protect you with such determination.  She is a true humanitarian.  She fights.  She wins.  She is extraordinary.

I am so grateful for her help and now I can continue my life again thanks to her. She really does balance out the bad with the good and brings justice to the world. Hire her! You will not regret it.

Negin is a life saver! Our family is so grateful for her help. We retained her services last July for a tough case. Our family was so worried. It was a case of facing real jail time.  The cops were so difficult to deal with and they treated our family like criminals for first time offense! Negin was able to reason with the DA and drop all charges! Our family was extremely relieved! On top of all that, it wasn't as expensive as we thought it would be! She was so fair, she didn't end up charging us the full amount because she was able to drop the case so fast!! If you want someone that knows what they are doing, want to stay out of jail or reduce ridiculous sentences, call Negin!

Negin is Wonder Woman meets Mary Poppin's all in one. She was a warrior in the courtroom that perfectly met and surpassed my expectations. I really was astounded by nearly every word that came out of her mouth. She is an EXPERT at law. She seems to have everything MEMORIZED. She was schooling the DA and the Judge/Commissioner, which was a good thing because she was fighting it out with them about how they cannot offer such a high sentencing for a particular charge.  It's funny how usually people refer to the judge as throwing the book at them, but Negin throws the book at the judge and at the DA. It was astonishing. Jaw dropping. She's everything I could every hope to get out of a lawyer. She represented my wife, who is my everything. She saved me from the heartbreak of being ripped away from her if she had to do jail time. Negin fought for no jail time for my wife and we took that deal instead of having to go to jail. And I know that was not an easy deal to get because my wife has an extensive record. Two attorneys before her tried for a month each and could not get my wife a deal that did not involve jail. We hired Negin expecting to have to fight it out in trial, but nope, she shows up and in one day the nightmare is over. No trial necessary. Thank you Negin! You are the best! Seriously, THE BEST!




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