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At the Los Angeles DUI Attorney, we provide high-quality and zealous representation in misdemeanor and felony driving offenses throughout Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. We handle all forms of driving under the influence offenses including DUI of alcohol and drugs, underage DUI, DUI causing injury, DUI causing great bodily injury, hit and run, and vehicular manslaughter. Our lead attorney, Negin Yamini, has defended numerous DUI cases with a steadfastness, creativity, and relentlessness that sets her apart from many of her peers.

Strategic Defense

Negin does not stall and let a case age. From the very beginning, she explores any and all procedural and substantive defenses relevant to the case, and mounts a defense accordingly. This allows Negin to locate early on any favorable defenses or strategies in the case.

Independent Fact-Finding And Investigation Of The Alleged Facts

Negin does not take at face value the facts as alleged and presented by the prosecution. She knows from experience that police officers at times take certain facts out of context, miss relevant information due to a biased or hasty or incomplete investigation, or outright fabricate or exaggerate details. Negin therefore employs her own investigators and experts to uncover facts favorable to the defense and test and challenge the legitimacy of the scientific evidence presented against you by the prosecution.

Intimate Knowledge Of The Local Courts

DUI laws apply universally to all courthouses in California. However, every courthouse has its own culture, mores, and expectations about how a DUI case should be prosecuted and punished. For example, Los Angeles County can more lenient towards first time DUI offenders than Orange County. For years, Negin has worked in courts throughout Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties and has intricately learned the culture, rules, and procedures endemic to each courthouse. She knows how to pitch her case and tailor her defense accordingly. She has also fostered and developed a professional relationship with the judges, court staff, and prosecutors of each courthouse.

Hands-On Representation

Negin understands the stress involved in facing criminal charges. She particularly understands the complexities and complications of fighting a DUI case. For that reason, Negin is accessible to her clients, answering their calls directly and in a timely manner. Negin and her staff provide moral and emotional support to clients at every stage of a DUI proceeding-from the inception of the case to post-conviction progress reports and hearings.

Affordable Representation

A fundamental tent of Negin's philosophy as a DUI attorney is that high-quality representation need not be astronomically or unreasonably expensive. High-quality representation can and should be affordable. For that reason, Negin carefully evaluates a DUI case and charges a reasonable fare accordingly.

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